Watercolor Simplified in 3 Easy Steps
For Adults
Marie Natale continues the Loose, Luminous, and Colorful approach to watercolor painting with new exercises and techniques helping students of all skill levels to improve their work and increase their knowledge of this fluid, transparent medium. Students will be amazed how easy and fast results can be achieved in three simple steps! Students will work from Marie's photos of buildings, landscapes, water and boats.....or bring their own. 
Dates: Sat Nov 12th - Nov 12th
» Time:9:30 AM - 3:30 PM
» Class Code: CWWP-50
» Seats Available: 1
» Teacher: Marie Natale
» Location: Collingswood
» Member's Price: $81.00
» Non-member's Price: $90.00
» Supply List: Details Below
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» Supply List:
List of suggested supplies for watercolor : 2016
******Please make use of the supplies you already have..but remember that good
paints, good brushes, and good paper truly make a difference in your results!

Good Paper:
140lb Fabriano sheets (bright white or traditional watercolor paper ) I only recommend Fabriano Blocks
as well....Use Arches if you ave it already
Palette: Mijello Folding Palette (either with 33 wells)
Windsor Newton Paints ( not Cottman) (Holbein paints are also good) * indicate important to have
Yellows- *Windsor Lemon, Cad Yellow, Aureloin, *New Gamboge.
Reds- Opera, *Cad Red, Quin Red, *Permanent Rose, Quin Magenta, *Carmine or Alizarin.
Blues- *Cerulean Blue, *Cobalt Blue, *Fr Untramarine, Antwerp, Cobalt Turquoise
Greens- Green Gold, Sap Green, *Hookers Green, Viridian
Violets- *Windsor Violet Dioxazine
Earth Colors- *Yellow Ochre, *Raw Sienna, *Bt Sienna, *Raw Umber, *Bt Umber, Quin Gold, Quin Bt
Ivory Black for Value studies.
* Please use colors you have as long as they are good professional grade paints like Windsor Newton
Prof Grade or Holbein Paints
* Brushes: It is important to have a good brush that holds water and applies paint easily,has a nice point,
and holds its shape. Use Natural Sables, not Synthetic.
*** Cheap Joes Legend Kolinski Sables Sz 8 THIS BRUSH IS AROUND $25. Others can be very pricey.
They have a set of round brushes Sz 2,4,6,8,10,12 for around $130. Treat yourself to just one good
Cheap Joes also has a Pseudo Sable brushes that are very good and much cheaper than the Kolinsky
Foamcore.... just buy a 20x30 sheet and cut in half....they also have inexpensive table easels but come
to class first to see what others are using.
* Sketchbooks- These are good options:
Visual Journal - watercolor tablet…9x12
*Misc:· Table easel or regular easel......or something to prop up your paper surface · 2 containers for
· Bring Scrap paper for practice. Tracing paper .· Kneaded Eraser.
· #2B drawing pencils or mechanical drawing pencil 7mm
· Scotch Tape...Bull Dog Clips
*Cheap Joes -- 1 800 227 2788
For Adults
Three chambers--Three explorations
Join teaching artist David Gamber in an exploration of the many possibilities offered by the multi chambered noborigama kiln located at Appel Farm in Salem County, NJ.  In the first chamber explore the effects of wood ash, flashing slips and glazes on clay and in the second chamber discover the many variations possible when adding salt.  In the fire box explore results more akin to anagama kilns, with ash and cinder buildup on the raw clay.  Participants should come prepared to explore the full range of outcomes possible from the kiln.  Flashing slips and glazes will be available for use at Appel Farm Saturday morning.  A list of possible wood fire clay bodies is available on request. Join teaching artist David Gamber in this weekend wood firing on Saturday and Sunday, Nov 19-20. Unloading of the kiln will be Saturday, Nov 26th.
Participants should bring 20–30 bisqued pots or sculptural pieces rated to Cone 10.  Please arrive 9am on Saturday to finish glazing and to load the kiln. Participants will be scheduled to work in teams to fire the kiln to temperature beginning Saturday evening or early Sunday. The exact times and lengths of shifts will depend on the number of participants and will be worked out on Saturday.  While shifts will likely be 4-6 hours participants should plan to be available all day Sunday to ensure a successful firing.  
Dates: Sun-Sat Nov 19th - Nov 20th
» Time:9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
» Class Code: WFW-2
» Seats Available: 9
» Teacher: David E. Gamber
» Location: Appel Farm
» Member's Price: $175.00
» Non-member's Price: $185.00
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